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EEPIC Management Placement Agency is a premier manpower agency in Delhi which works to provide optimum resources to companies by obtaining excellent manpower support on time. We are a leading Placement Consultants in DELHI who understands what customers look for talent acquisition and make sure to deliver it without any hassle. As the top placement agencies in Delhi, we provide placement services to small and large companies in various industry sectors such as IT, education, healthcare, financial services, among others in Delhi.

: Placement Consultants in DELHI, Placement Agency in Delhi, Recruitment Agency

With us, you can get the best candidates to get your business up and running as we are the top placement consultants in Delhi. Being associated with the recruitment business for a long time, we are definitely the top recruitment agency in Delhi today.


EEPIC Management Placement Agency is a leader in the recruitment business and an important recruitment agency in Delhi. Committed to serving candidates with the best possible employment support, and the highest standard of service in every sector of the industry, we support candidates throughout their recruitment process. We are reliable and top class placement agencies in Delhi working towards connecting candidates with excellent job opportunities.

Looking for a recruitment consultant in Delhi?

EEPIC is a leading Placement agency in DELHI. We use a unique blend of analytics and assessments to help companies professionals find the best suited to them. Having served more than 100 companies and 1000+ candidates in the Delhi NCR region, we provide the most comprehensive and accurate placement consulting services in the New Delhi region.

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After getting in touch with the recruitment agency, the process of hiring a candidate is simple and quick. Most placement consultants have tested all stages of the recruitment process several times, to reduce recruitment time and optimize results.

Step 1: The hiring manager of the company recruits its recruitment requirements. The more clearly the hiring manager is, the faster a situation is closed.

Step 2: In the placement agency, the source and recruiters work to find and test the candidates according to the criteria specified by the company. Reliable recruiters are flexible to change the characteristics of the candidate, as required by the hiring manager.

Step 3: A shortlist of star cast members is shared with the client for further review. An important link to this process is a response by the hiring manager, who reviews how well a recommended candidate considers the company’s aspirations.

Step 4: A position closes when the client informs the Appointment Service of the selection of their recommended candidates and a final hiring decision is made. Our process is structured to give the company complete freedom to make its calls while being guided by the expertise of placement consultants.

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How EEPIC Management Placement Agency can help you

We, at EEPIC Management Placement Agency in Delhi, help businesses tackle a very difficult but important problem: finding great talent. The candidate pool in India is growing at a rate of 5.6% per year, which means that around 40 million new people are looking for jobs every year.

So how to find great companies and recruit the right talent? They do it with our help. We bring a high level of expertise to your task of finding the best person for the vacancy.

With us, your hiring decisions are safe and sure. The reason for this is that all our shortlisted candidates are tested at multiple levels using advanced candidate intelligence. Our goal now is not to let companies take the wrong decision of hiring.

The expert team at the EEPIC Management Placement Agency can help you find candidates that meet your needs. We are very proud of our talent very soon, which will drive the growth of your business.

EEPIC Management placement consultants in Delhi are one of the leading recruitment agencies in Delhi. We provide the following services:

  • Attract hard-to-find candidates for job postings
  • Submit short list of top 1% candidates for current job profile
  • Conduct the first round of person-interviews
  • Assistance in preparation of selection documentation
  • Identify role-specific properties.
  • Test candidates on hard skills like account analysis, CRM, programming, AutoCAD, and more.
  • Screen candidates on soft skill like work ethic, motivation, communication, character, etc.
  • Check candidates for cultural fitness in the company’s work environment
  • Keep in mind the interview of the candidate in the company office
  • Assistance in salary negotiation and discussion and developing a salary guide
  • Check reference (if necessary).

EEPIC Management is a leading Placement Consultants in DELHI; NCR is a Recruitment Agency offering the best placement services in Delhi. Call us at 9873384233.